Back on Board

Okay, so there’s been a lot of water under the keel since I last made a blog post. That doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking a lot about Heathen things; it just means that I haven’t been writing about them here, alas. If you’re curious about where I have been writing them, check about the back issues of Spiral Nature – an awesome online mag, sadly no longer active. If you don’t fancy reading them, tl/dr is I love Heathen stories, and hate Nazis. So there you go.

Those things are easy to do, dear reader, but on another level, my heart is troubled. As I’ve mentioned before, I was raised Catholic, and it turns out that doesn’t stop having an influence on you just because you no longer feel the urge to kiss the ring of a man with a pointy hat. Childhood Catholicism also influences you in terms of what I might tentatively call a “living faith.”

If you’re a sincere Catholic, you’re a Catholic ALL THE BLOODY TIME. It surrounds you, it pervades every aspect of your existence, it influences your friendships, what you choose to read, what you choose to watch, even (at times) what you choose to eat. It is always there.

That’s a living faith. Whether it sounds marvelous or horrifying depends a lot on how you feel about religion. For me, it sounds like both, and that’s a problem. I love how free wheeling Heathenry can be, I love the basic anarchism. But I’ve yet to feel it envelop and surround me, in the way Catholicism did. Is that my problem? Or is there “no there, there?”

More to come. In less than two years’ time.

Author: hammertales

Honi soit qui mal y pense.

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