Holy moly, so much has happened in my audio world since I last posted on here. So let’s briefly summarize:

(1) For three years, I had a podcast called Hammertales. You can still find the episodes on Patreon, and they are all unlocked for general enjoyment. I narrated classic stories from many authors, including H.P. Lovecraft, Arthur Conan Doyle, Edgar Allen Poe, and many others. I’ve left a couple of samples below.

(2) I have also been doing a great deal of freelance narrating for Audible! I’ve just finished my 33rd book, and you can find my narrations at Audible under the name JT Farrell. Warning: a great deal of it is romance material, and not for the young or easily offended.

Here is Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes adventure, “A Scandal in Bohemia:”


Here is H.P. Lovecraft’s tale, “The Call of Cthulhu:”